What The Events Can Do To You

Dave Wood & Aaron Rashkin were guests on the lazy Millionaires house this evening on this great hangout hosted by one of our greatest leaders Rui Gabriel.They both came to share  their vision and passion about our business. It was just awsome.

Just watch it below 🙂

I just love those guys, they are the people wich i spend most of my day around the web, on skype, facebook, hangouts, group meetings, events, partys, and every kind of excuses i can find to be with them all . Here are some cool pictures i took with each and every one of them who have participate on this hangout 🙂

My good friend Rui Gabriel and i, on a super cool team building day for the elite leaderboard people of the Lazy Millionaires League.

aaron rashkin

Me and my buddy Aaron Rashkins enjoying a lifestyle day in Algarve (Portugal), at the time of our bigest event ever “The LifeXtreme”.

Me, my dear friend Nuno Rebocho and is lovely wife Rita Cerejo, having a break from one of our events, this one was in Nazaré (Portugal).

David Wood and i, in Charlotte’s Impact event. Man we did so much noise that day :))

paula garcia

I took this picture of my sweet friend Paula Garcia and her boyfriend Jorge Parracho, while we were playing paint ball wargames, again on a super cool event. This was an awsome day, even my little 8 years old daughter  was there fighting for us 🙂

miguel borges

My badass pal Miguel Borges and i on a super day at the office, wich is an event we do every 4 or 5 weeks. Miguel and is wife Gabriela are great friends, and they have this amazing super cute little daugher wich is a super friend 🙂

Me and my bro Filipe Vala, wich was also my room mate on a U.S. Empower network event. I don’t even remember where was this picture taken, but it was certainly on an event 🙂

Results not typical check our income disclamer here: http://oliviercorreia.com/c/disclamer)

And this is me (with a crazy face) cashing my 34k check from J. C. and Aaron Rashkins 3 month ago surprisely on a event 🙂

And finally telling my story on stage, with my lovely daughter next to me. A goal that came 3 months after expected, but yet it was acheieved.

Today i have reached the 50k mark…again results are not typical. Disclamer here: http://oliviercorreia.com/c/disclamer

Now let me ask you something…

Can you not see a pattern here?

What does this tell you about events?

Think about it…

Cya soon 😉

Autor: oliviercorreia

Sou um tipo bem disposto. Um pai de família. Há pouco mais de uma ano atrás, resolvi dizer basta ao emprego tradicional e a passar 10 horas por dia fora de casa, longe de quem amo. Hoje conquistei a minha liberdade, quer de tempo, quer financeira. Trabalho a partir de casa na Internet, faço o meu próprio horário e não dependo de patrões nem empregados. O meu foco principal é ajudar outros a fazerem o mesmo, ensinando-lhes as competências necessárias para tal. Se te interessa este estilo de vida e um rendimento bem acima da média, contacta-me.

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  1. I’ve been wanting to go to an empower network event myself. Will have to check one out someday given an opportunity to do so. I wish I could make it to Vegas this month, but not sure if I am going to be able to afford it this time around.

    1. Hey Ryan, thank you for your comment.
      You know…sometimes the only thing that is between us and something we really want to is ourselves and the way we think 😉

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